Are you interested in collaborating with us? We are always looking for interested partners who share the vision of enhancing the S&C community. 


We are interested in working closely with universities to help drive research and encourage engagement and collaboration from students. The journal has been created to remove barriers from publication, which means that more students can aim towards getting their dissertations and research published. Our unique community peer review model also encourages students to actively take part in discussion related to the field of S&C. This provides an excellent opportunity for universities to make publication and active dicussion within the journal part of their academic course. 

Coaches and Practitioners

Do you have case studies and data from your time working closely with athletes? Our journal provides the opportunity for you to publish some of this work and help close the gap between academia and practice. There is also the opportunity to collaborate with academics within universities to carry out real-world research and get the outcomes published quickly. 


We are looking to expand our pool of qualified reviewers and editors, who can help in our endevour to enhance the S&C comminity. Please contact us now if you would like to join us. 


The IJSC is an excellent way to align your brand with a leading academic journal and organisation. We have a variety of bespoke packages including digital advertising, email marketing, and event sponsorship. Please contact us to find out more at info@iusca.org