Editor in Chief and Editorial Panel

Editor in Chief:

The Editor in Chief is the primary authority for the IJSC and oversees the entire editorial process to ensure the journal's quality, relevance, and reputation. The responsibilities of the Editor in Chief include:

  1. Vision and Strategy: The Editor in Chief sets the strategic direction for the journal, ensuring it remains at the forefront of the S&C field.
  2. Final Decision: While the Editorial Panel conducts initial reviews, the final decision on whether to accept or reject a manuscript rests with the Editor in Chief.
  3. Quality Assurance: The Editor in Chief ensures that all published articles meet the highest standards of scientific rigor, relevance, and clarity.
  4. Ethical Standards: The Editor in Chief ensures that the journal adheres to all ethical guidelines and best practices, addressing any ethical concerns or disputes that arise.
  5. Team Leadership: The Editor in Chief leads the Editorial Panel, providing guidance, support, and feedback to ensure the smooth functioning of the journal's review process.
  6. Engagement: The Editor in Chief represents the journal at conferences, seminars, and other academic events, promoting the IJSC and fostering collaborations.
  7. Continuous Improvement: The Editor in Chief regularly reviews and updates the journal's policies, guidelines, and processes to ensure they align with best practices in academic publishing.

Editorial Panel:

The Editorial Panel is a team of experts in the field of Strength and Conditioning (S&C) who play a pivotal role in maintaining the quality and integrity of the International Journal of Strength and Conditioning (IJSC). Their responsibilities include:

  1. Manuscript Review: Panel members are responsible for conducting an initial review of submitted manuscripts to determine their suitability for the journal. This involves assessing the relevance, originality, and quality of the research.
  2. Guidance: They provide guidance to authors on improving their manuscripts, ensuring that the research presented aligns with the journal's standards and scope.
  3. Ethical Oversight: Panel members ensure that all manuscripts adhere to ethical guidelines, including checking for plagiarism, ensuring proper citation, and verifying that research involving human subjects has received appropriate ethical clearance.
  4. Decision Making: Based on their review, panel members recommend whether a manuscript should proceed to the next stages of the review process, be revised, or be rejected.
  5. Continuous Improvement: They provide feedback and suggestions to the Editor in Chief on improving the journal's processes, policies, and guidelines.
  6. Conflict of Interest: Panel members are expected to disclose any conflicts of interest and, if necessary, recuse themselves from reviewing a manuscript.

Both the Editorial Panel and the Editor in Chief are committed to upholding the highest standards of academic publishing, ensuring that the IJSC remains a leading voice in the field of Strength and Conditioning


Editorial Board

Co Editor-in-Chief

Dr. Stephen P. Bird, University of Southern Queensland (Australia)

Stephen P. BIRD (0000-0002-5607-3829) - ORCID

Co Editor-in-Chief

Dr. Thomas Gee, University of Lincoln (UK)

Thomas Gee (0000-0001-7253-2055) - ORCID


Editorial Panel

Dr. Richard Blagrove, Loughborough University (UK) Richard Blagrove (0000-0002-7057-8073) - ORCID

Dr. Scott Talpey, Federation University (Australia) Scott Talpey (0000-0003-0791-8570) - ORCID

Dr. Kyle S. Beyer, Urisnus College (USA) 

Dr. JB Morin, University of Nice Sophia Antipolis (France) Jean-Benoit Morin (0000-0003-3808-6762) - ORCID

Dr. Timothy Suchomel, Carroll University (USA) Timothy Suchomel (0000-0002-1763-5518) - ORCID

Steve Thompson, Sheffield Hallam University (UK) Steve W. Thompson (0000-0001-7674-3685) - ORCID

Caroline Westwood, Plymouth Marjon University (UK) Caroline Westwood (0000-0002-0618-1565) - ORCID

Glenn Corcoran, Bond University (Australia) Glenn Corcoran (0000-0001-9499-5931) - ORCID

Daniel Cohen, University of Santander (Columbia) 

Thomas Jones, Northumbria University (UK) / MIUN (Sweden) Thomas W. Jones (0000-0003-2263-5261) - ORCID

James Steele, Solent University (UK) James Steele (0000-0002-8003-0757) - ORCID

Silvio René Lorenzetti, ETH Zurich (Switzerland) Silvio Rene Lorenzetti (0000-0002-8339-8960) - ORCID

Daichi Yamashita, Japan Institute of Sport Sciences (Japan) Daichi Yamashita (0000-0002-4920-2063) - ORCID

Jonato Prestes, Universidade Católica de Brasília (Brazil) Jonato Prestes (0000-0003-0399-8817) - ORCID

Martyn Beaven, University of Waikato (New Zealand) Christopher Beaven (0000-0003-2900-7460) - ORCID

Chris Bailey, University of North Texas (USA) Chris Bailey (0000-0001-5295-7865) - ORCID

Julian Owen, Bangor University (UK) Julian Owen (0000-0002-9609-8422) - ORCID

Thomas Dos’Santos, Manchester Metropolitan University (UK) Thomas Dos'Santos (0000-0003-2715-0116) - ORCID

Dr. John McMahon, University of Salford (UK) John McMahon (0000-0001-9952-7846) - ORCID


External Reviewers

Our external independent reviewers consist of S&C and Sports Science researchers and practitioners from over 50 leading academic institutions and organisations worldwide. 


Journal Management
Aden Flannagan - Director of the IUSCA

Andrew Langford - Director of the IUSCA