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The International Journal of Strength and Conditioning (IJSC) is a Diamond Open Access academic journal committed to providing the latest research, insights, and discoveries in sports performance and exercise science. Our mission is to connect academia, professionals, and practitioners by bridging the gap between research and practice, fostering a better understanding of the science behind sports performance and exercise.

Why Diamond Open Access?

At IJSC, we believe knowledge should be accessible to all. Diamond Open Access ensures our articles are available at no cost to readers, without any subscription fees or barriers. This commitment to open access allows us to share vital research with a global audience, promoting collaboration and innovation in sports performance and exercise science.

Our Focus:

The IJSC covers a broad range of topics within sports performance and exercise science, including:

• Strength and conditioning • Biomechanics • Exercise physiology • Sports nutrition • Sports psychology • Coaching and leadership • Injury prevention and rehabilitation • Performance analysis

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