A Case Study Series of the Health Status and Key Anthropometry in Very Large Strength Athletes

Heatlth Metrics of Strongmen

Keywords: Strongman, Strength athletics, cholesterol, blood pressure, diet, heart disease


Strongmen are characterised by large mass they use to perform feats of strength, the effect this large mass has on the athlete’s health are unknown. The aim of this study was to: characterise a group of strongmen and to compare observed values with established parameters for good health. We measured: resting metabolic rate, body composition, skinfolds, lipid profiles, fasted glucose, blood pressure, power output, and grip strength in 6 competitive strongmen over 6 months. Blood pressure varied with 3 of the strongmen recording hypertensive values. Fasted blood glucose levels aligned with values for healthy adults, cholesterol/lipid profiles variable with the suggestion that values are generally poorer in strongmen than in healthy adults. The large body mass of the strongmen corresponded with a large amount of adipose tissue, which may incur risk for non-communicable disease. Furthermore, the risk of disease may be further compounded by anabolic steroid use. Dietary considerations are made for protecting cardiovascular health and the potential for 'healthy' weight gain. To our knowledge this is the first such nested cohort study in the area of strongmen competitors.  Larger studies are needed to confirm and further elucidate this data. Considerations for protecting the health of strongman competition is made.

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Chappell, A., & Simper, T. (2020). A Case Study Series of the Health Status and Key Anthropometry in Very Large Strength Athletes. International Journal of Strength and Conditioning, 1(1). https://doi.org/10.47206/iuscaj.v1i1.2