Evaluating Student-Athlete Satisfaction with the NCAA Strength and Conditioning Coach

Keywords: SCC-SASS, Quality Improvement, College-aged, Athletic Performance, Sports Medicine Team


The purpose of this study was to evaluate student-athlete satisfaction with their strength and conditioning coach (SCC) and the services they provide. A secondary purpose was to analyze which demographics correlated with higher or lower satisfaction scores. The strength and conditioning coach student-athlete satisfaction survey (SCC-SASS) is a newly developed instrument that assesses student-athlete satisfaction levels with their SCC and the services they provide. A sample (n=96) of National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division I (DI) and Division II (DII) athletes completed the SCC-SASS. The overall mean satisfaction score was 128.73 out of 140. Independent T-Tests resulted in no significant differences in mean satisfaction scores between male (128.71) and female student-athletes (128.77) (p=0.982); DI (127.33) and DII student-athletes (128.96) (p=0.679); individual (127.00) and team sport student-athletes (129.37) (p=0.431); between student-athletes who had a professional staff SCCs (129.48) and GA SCCs (124.87) (p=0.317); or a male SCC (128.92) and female SCC (127.86) (p=0.769). Student-athletes showed satisfaction with their SCCs and the services they provide due to a total mean score of 128.73 out of a possible score of 140. The SCC-SASS can be used as a quality improvement tool as athlete satisfaction has been associated with increased athletic performance.

Author Biographies

Michael Miller, PhD, Western Michigan University

Professor, Athletic Training, Graduate Program Coordinator

Thomas Cappaert, PhD, Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions

Professor, PhD in Health Sciences

Associate Director of the Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

Mitch Schwartzman, Lindenwood University

Assistant Director of Athletic Performance

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Cottet, M., Miller, M., Cappaert, T., & Schwartzman, M. (2023). Evaluating Student-Athlete Satisfaction with the NCAA Strength and Conditioning Coach. International Journal of Strength and Conditioning, 3(1). https://doi.org/10.47206/ijsc.v3i1.203